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Dr Katalin Gaal

Translation, Tutoring & Academic Proofreading Service

Dr Katalin Gaal has worked [with us] as a freelance translator between Hungarian and English since 4 August 2012. She has completed a wide range of translation work for us including birth, death and marriage certificates, driver’s licences and other translations as required. During this time she provided translation services of the highest quality. Her work with us involves great attention to detail and excellent proofreading skills to provide high quality, accurate translations, maintaining a professional and client-focused approach, while also being able to keep reliable email communication and short response times.

Kedves Kati!

Nagyon hálás vagyok a fordításokért, nagyszerű munkát végeztél! Külön köszönöm a hozzáállásodat mind a munkához, mind hozzánk, és azt is, hogy végig tarthattuk a kapcsolatot. Örülök, hogy Téged választottalak a fordítók közül, és mindenképpen ajánlani foglak másoknak is! Eszter

Dear Kati!

I'm very grateful for your translation, you have done a great job! I especially want to thank you for your disposition towards both the work and us, and that you maintained contact throughout the assignment with us. I'm happy that I chose you from the available translators and I will definitely recommend you to others as well! Esther

Megerkezett a forditas a levelben is, nagyon szepen koszonom a segitseged. Mindenkepp megkereslek he kell meg forditas, es szivesen ajanlak be masoknak is.  

'Thank you so much for the translations of these first letters. They read very well and charmingly, which is the way, I know, they were written ... My grandfather had a real turn of phrase and sense of humour in both English and Hungarian and I am so pleased this has come through here. I am also pleased that you enjoyed doing the translations ...'."Thank you so much for the Batch 4 translations. Very interesting - and often very moving - I appreciate your part in making the people and the times come alive."

Thanks for your wonderful service and the quick turnaround on this job!

'Thank you for the translation of my old letter. You really brought it to life.' Client for Hungarian-English translation 'Just wanted to let you know l went in to see Corey's teacher today as his naplan english testing is done and she said to me on Tuesdays test he got 25 out of 35 (comprehension/ narrative) which was good for him and yesterday he did very very well in reading . She said there was a complex question and he was the only one in the class to get it RIGHT!!! Oh my stars l was so happy and l had to email you and let you know what a difference you are making and a big THANK YOU!!!' Student's mother 

'Nagyon köszönöm a SZUPER jó fordítást! En még a "betűit" sem tudtam volna megfejteni...... Még egy "grafológus" is vagy! Puszi Juli' Client for English-Hungarian translation.

N.B. Please note that full names of clients and agencies have been omitted due to privacy reasons.